Made in Italy

  • Farinata chickpea pancake: Learn the recipe of a traditional Italian savoury cake made with a few simple ingredients, like chickpea flour, water, olive oil
    The recipe for Farinata chickpea pancake requires only a few simple ingredients: chickpea flour, water, extra virgin olive oil and salt. Traditionally from the Liguria region, it is also known in other regional and world cuisines: in Pisa it’s called Cecina, in [...]
  • Moka coffee maker: learn how to use a moka pot, a staple in every Italian kitchen, plus a few tips and tricks on how to make the perfect espresso coffee
    The moka pot is a type of coffee maker, its name comes from Mocha, a town in Yemen famous for Arabic coffee. Alfonso Bialetti and Luigi De Ponti, both Italians, invented this coffee-making device in 1933. Very rapidly the moka coffee maker became popular all over the [...]
  • Gluten-free pizza: recipe - Coeliac disease sufferers no longer have to give up eating Italy's signature dish! Learn how to make pizza with buckwheat flour
    Good news for coeliac disease sufferers: you no longer have to give up eating Italy’s signature dish! Pizza, known all over the world as one of the most recognisable examples of Italian food, can now be prepared following this gluten-free recipe, which lists [...]