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  • Glossary of artisan craftsmanship: Chestnut honey
      Chestnut honey is obtained, it goes without saying, from chestnut tree flowers. It is produced on the whole Italian territory, from the Alpine foothills to the lower Apennines, and is harvested in June. Chestnut honey tastes sweet, but with a bitter [...]
  • Easy truffle recipe ideas: potato and truffle-based starter and soup
    Potatoes and truffle: a duo of calibrated taste, a refined combination that can be declined in various recipes, from main courses to delicious and fancy appetisers. We have selected for you two quick and easy recipes guaranteed to impress the most demanding palates: [...]
  • How to wear high heels without feeling pain
    Unquestionably, wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes will make you look tall and fashionable. Shoe shops always provide a seemingly endless choice of models and heels in all kinds of shapes and heights. Choosing the right heel can be a challenge. High heels or flat [...]