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  • Keep cool in hot weather: tips & tricks on how to keep your body fresh when outside temperatures are soaring, from what food you should eat to what to wear
    Many of us weren’t quite prepared for the recent heat wave, and as much as we complain about the winter cold, it isn’t always easy to keep your body fresh when the temperature soars high. So here are some tips to survive the heat and keep cool in hot [...]
  • What is the difference between jelly, jam and marmalade? Discover what these terms refer to in Britain and abroad, plus some history of fruit preservation
    Jam, jelly, preserve, conserve… if you thought they were all different words for the same thing, read this article! They are entirely different foods and just to complicate matters further, depending on what country you’re from you might end up with an [...]
  • Flower plants: the best flower plants for your balcony garden or indoor and outdoor windowsill, most suitable containers, diy ideas and maintenance tips
    Create a garden in the tiniest space and bring a touch of greenery to your home! You may have never thought about it but you can make a garden area indoors or you can use an outdoor windowsill or balcony. Plants compliment your indoor design and can lift your mood, [...]